Wash fruit & vegetable, keep them cleaner and fresher and make them even more delicious


Safe cleaning of various food materials enhances hygiene, taste and preservation


Removal of harmful bacteria and decomposition of agricultural chemicals remaining on the surface of fresh products


A calcium-based material undergoing high-temperature plasticity and electrolysis, without chemical treatment


Safe even for the persons with atopic allergy who are sensitive to chemical products



Features of E Clean

E Clean
Powerful cleaning abilities when washing fruit • vegetable • fish
  • Removal effect for pollutants with excellent cleaning ability
  • Minuteness of cellular tissues of food improves taste and preservation through the ionized Ca++
  • Its superior effect to remove food poisoning bacteria or remaining pesticides provides supply of safe food materials
  • Even the persons with atopic allergy can safely eat the food washed with this calcium-based material not chemically treated or containing no chemical substance.